Temp To Hire


World Staffing provides employers and prospective employees a method of payment that allows each party a trial period to determine if the company wishes to offer the temporary worker a Direct Hire position within the organization.


In time of personnel changes, one viable option available that reduces costs and preserves personnel expertise is payrolling.

Payrolling is a method by which a company can put a valued employee on our payroll at which time we cover such costs as salary, Federal/State withholding, FICA, Worker's Compensation, Bodily and Property Insurance and Bonding, as well as processing, and accounting costs.  These costs, along with your benefits package, would amount to more than our billing rate to you for the hourly cost of the payrolled employee.

These are some of the instances payrolling would be beneficial to your company:

1. During a required reduction-in-force when certain key personnel are necessary to your business.
2. During overload periods when you can call back previous employees who have the benefit of your training.